Why Every Healthcare Practice Should Offer Subscription Plans

The importance of subscription plans is becoming increasingly evident as they provide a steady income stream for healthcare practices and allow patients to access care more easily. From chiropractors to fitness practitioners, subscription plans can be tailored to fit any healthcare practice's needs, allowing them to create a more sustainable business model. Furthermore, subscription plans can be designed to fit any budget, making them an attractive option for healthcare providers and patients. This makes subscription plans ideal for those looking to provide quality patient care without breaking the bank.

Key Benefits of Subscription Billing Software:

A. Increased Patient Satisfaction with Subscription Plans:

One of the most significant benefits of subscription plans is improved patient satisfaction. This is due to the convenience of having value based case and monthly billing. Additionally, it allows for greater flexibility in managing health needs. According to a study, 64% of subscribers feel more connected to companies with which they have subscriptions.

B. Lower Cost of Care with Subscription Plans:

Next, subscription plans can also help reduce the cost of care by allowing customers to access healthcare services at a lower rate by committing to services during a certain period. This benefits both the customer and the provider, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that increases customer loyalty. By 2032, the United States is expected to have the largest subscriptions management market at US$ 6.4 billion, growing at a CAGR of 12.9%.

C. Improved Access to Care with Subscription Plans:

The subscription-based model enables patients to access better healthcare services at an affordable cost, thus driving the market's growth. In other words, consumers can enjoy comprehensive medical coverage with fewer time of service expenses. Moreover, subscription plans provide an incentive for healthcare providers to offer more personalized services, as they receive a predictable income stream.

D. Increased Revenue for Practices with Subscription Plans:

Another great benefit of the subscription-based business model is that it can provide a reliable source of income for healthcare providers, helping them to remain financially viable. For example, during the most challenging time of the pandemic, subscription plans allowed many practices to remain afloat. This has allowed them to generate increased monthly recurring healthcare revenue and focus on providing the best possible care for their patients.

As in the case of dental practices, the demand for dental care has remarkably dropped during the pandemic since people have lost jobs, businesses, and other resources. Spending on dental care was more of a luxury for them. This has made it difficult for dental practices to maintain their revenue and services. To address this issue, many have begun offering subscription plans to make dental care more affordable and accessible.

E. Improved Outcomes with Subscription Plans:

Last but not least, subscription plans can help improve the quality-of-care patients receive and their overall wellness by reducing the cost barrier. Whether you are a veterinarian, med-spa practitioner, mental health counselor, chiropractor, fitness trainer, dental care provider, or optometrist, subscription plans can be a great way to ensure your patients get the care they need.

It's no surprise that an increasing number of businesses are turning to a subscription-based business model, given that the typical return client spends 67% more than a new customer.


In a nutshell, subscription plans offer customers convenience, flexibility, and cost savings. Service providers gain loyalty, customer facing interactions, and business revenue. These advantages make them attractive for businesses looking to streamline and grow their operations. PlanSplit is a no-brainer subscription billing software that enables health and non-health service providers to create and sell usage-based service plans, packages, memberships, and subscriptions. Signing up with PlanSplit, providers can enjoy a range of customizable features to suit their individual needs and access to powerful reports to track performance.

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