How PlanSplit Differs from Software Such as Kleer.Com and Bento.Net

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Dental problems are pretty much standard. They are caused by several factors, including an unhealthy diet, harmful habits such as smoking, a lack of regular dental care, and stress.

Unfortunately, 50% of US consumers do not visit the dentist annually, and patients decline over 50% of recommended treatments. Due to the increasing treatment cost, many consumers avoid such treatment and care until the problems become severe and out of control.

Luckily, with the inception of platforms like Kleer, Bento, and PlanSplit, dental treatment is available in value added service packages, plans, and memberships. All three platforms provide lifetime access to affordable oral healthcare through a modern, transparent experience. However, PlanSplit is slightly different from the other two platforms.

Let’s discuss how PlanSplit differs from software such as Kleer and from the provider’s perspective. Like PlanSplit, both Kleer and Bento offer subscription-based dental memberships. However, what sets the former apart from the rest is the level of staff workload, plan management (set-up, billing, renewals, cancellations), and practice software integration.

As a true alternative to Bento and Kleer, PlanSplit has a set of cool features that streamline and manage custom dental plan creation in sign-up, payment collections, renewals, cancellations, and so much more.

PlanSplit is also different from software such as Kleer and in that it provides an easy and quick way to create and sell dental plans, packages, memberships, and subscriptions without the provider needing to manage a separate merchant account.

Let’s see how PlanSplit works:

Eliminates paperwork and need for your staff time at sign-up:

PlanSplit is a convenient one-stop solution to help small and medium-sized dental clinics automate their processes and streamline their workflow by eliminating paperwork and the need for staff time at sign-up.

Act as a buffer:

Both practice and clients can benefit from PlanSplit regarding plan sign-up, payments, collections, renewals, and cancellation issues. Any issues associated with these activities are automated and human supported. Additionally, it eliminates the need for a separate payment gateway or a merchant account.

Enabling business growth in new markets can be exciting and challenging for dental clinics. PlanSplit enables dental practitioners and other health wellness service providers to increase client compliance, loyalty, and commitment by leveraging the intuitive features and technologies of the software.

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