PlanSplit vs. In-house plan

Kudos to you if you are already offering plans/package/memberships to your consumers.  You already understand how these are and will continue to grow your business.  Depending on how many plans you have sold, you may or may not be experiencing the associated pains. PlanSplit was designed by a health services provider to alleviate the pains of offering in-house plans.

PlanSplit can help you by:

  • completely eliminating paperwork. 
  • making the custom plans creation process super easy for you. You can create multiple plans in a few minutes.
  • providing cool features such as autorenewal, renewal to a different plan, optional annual payment discounts for your consumers, variable plan periods, item groups and more.
  • providing an optional e-market place where you can sell your plans and gain new customers. Your plans would show alongside med-spa’s and plastic surgery offices, making new connections to very relevant customers. 
  • making the sign-up process self-service for your consumers.
  • managing payments collections and associated issues for you. You do not need a separate merchant account.
  • automating plan cancellation process for your consumers so your team does not have to deal with unhappy customers.  By the way, you get paid for services used at a-la-carte pricing if a consumer decides to cancel. 
  • keeping the workload on your team minimal.  All they must do is apply service usage.
  • giving your consumers their own dashboard where they can view their usage, savings, etc. 

Finally, should you want to try us out, please take advantage of our 4 weeks for free promo. Our web-app is ​self-service and human supported. Please reach out should you have any questions.

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