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Aman Sukhija, DVM

Here’s What You Should Know About Subscription Billing Management

Providing a single product or service to the user in exchange for money is straightforward selling. This has been the norm for almost all businesses to date. However, things have begun to change slowly but surely, with many sellers offering subscription billing systems today. The model ensures recurring revenue is obtained monthly. Your goal is to retain more customers instead of trying overt marketing strategies to acquire new ones.

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PlanSplit vs. In-house plan

Kudos to you if you are already offering plans/package/memberships to your consumers.  You already understand how these are and will continue to grow your business.  Depending on how many plans you have sold, you may or may not be experiencing the associated pains. PlanSplit was designed by a health services provider to alleviate the pains of offering in-house plans.

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PlanSplit vs. Common Veterinary Wellness Plans Management Software

The last two years have been overwhelming for the veterinary profession and I can imagine you want to keep things as simple as possible for your team.  First, kudos to you if you already offer wellness plans. You already understand the benefits of increased client compliance, loyalty, and therefore practice revenue.  Second, you may be experiencing some of the pains and thus seeking integration. 

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Welcome to Our Blog

By considering offering wellness plans and service packages,you are taking a giant step toward increasing loyalty and compliance among your consumers. By rewarding their loyalty through value-added packagesthat are split-billed, you are also increasing client satisfaction. You will not only stabilize revenue but also increase it. As a former private veterinary practice owner, I have years of experience successfully implementing and leveraging wellness plans to grow my businesses, while rewarding my clients and improving their furry family members’wellness care. I remembered my pain points and created PlanSplit to solve them.

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