Diversify Your Revenue Sources by Using PlanSplit Online Membership System

Online membership system is the most commonly used solution for businesses in the competitive market. The reason? It’s easy to use – all you need is an internet connection and browser – and it’s hands-off. 

PlanSplit online membership system enables healthcare practices to operate and perform membership administration, among other jobs.  

Today, the rigors of maintaining membership can be better alleviated in the digital space using specialized software solutions.

PlanSplit online membership system streamlines membership management by centralizing administrative and communication activities of the healthcare facilities.

PlanSplit helps strengthen the bond between providers and their customers through service plans, packages, and membership as a cross-category. PlanSplit billing software helps drive recurring revenue seamless and hassle-free by providing split billing in a once-monthly payment plan.

One of the biggest perks of signing up with PlanSplit is reducing the staff workload and time. It is a safe and sound alternative to an in-house option that alleviates the pains of offering in-house plans.

As a trusted intermediary, they provide an optional e-marketplace to sell your plans and packages and gain new customers.

The software offers a digital space to handle consumer payments without requiring any separate merchant account. Plus, it makes the sign-up process self-service for your consumers.

The core objective of the platform is to share information between community members without delays, thus streamlining the organization process. 

Here’s a list of benefits you can enjoy by joining in PlanSplit: 

Comprehensive Access:

Handling administrative works becomes easier with our membership management system, whereas your customers can view their service usage, savings, etc., on the dashboard. Plus, the system allows for the storage of vital information in one place, making access to plans, usage data a breeze at any time, from anywhere.


Leveraging the power of automation, the PlanSplit online member management system speeds up administrative processes and daily managerial operations, resulting in improved business efficiency and productivity. It offers multiple intuitive membership management tools to carry out administrative works efficiently and effectively. Plus, the payment collection and plan cancellation processes become error-free with human support and automation.

Automate Billing Process:

The digital space streamlines communication and content sharing and expedites the billing process. The software includes intuitive features including auto-renewal, renewal to a different plan, optional annual payment discounts for your consumers, variable plan periods, item groups, and more. Together, they streamline registration, membership renewal, and recurring billing, reducing staff workload. 

Zero Paperwork:

PlanSplit online membership management system eliminates all paperwork. Providers can apply usage directly in our web application, while your consumers can view usage and saving in their dashboard. 

Data Security:

PlanSplit uses advanced security features, including authentication, encryption, security protocols, and safe cloud storage to provide impeccable data protection. 

Diversify Revenue Sources:

Providers can branch out their revenue sources using our platform by creating multiple plans. Our sustainable recurring revenue split billing platform enables providers to make the most of the e-marketplace to create and sell multiple plans and packages across various health categories, including dental, chiropractic, mental health, veterinary, optometry, and other general wellness care.

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