PlanSplit vs. Common Veterinary Wellness Plans Management Software

The last two years have been overwhelming for the veterinary profession and I can imagine you want to keep things as simple as possible for your team.  First, kudos to you if you already offer wellness plans. You already understand the benefits of increased client compliance, loyalty, and therefore practice revenue.  Second, you may be experiencing some of the pains and thus seeking integration. 

There are a few great options out there if integration is your sole decision maker.  But please consider why you are seeking integration.  If it’s to reduce staff workload, then integration alone should not be your sole decision maker.  PlanSplit was designed with the singular goal to significantly reduce your team’s workload in terms of plans management.  We do this by:

  1. completely eliminating paperwork and need for your staff time at sign-up.
    1. Signing up with in-house plans requires your staff to print the agreement, collect signature(s), enter payment info, and retain the paperwork.
    2. With PlanSplit the consumer does all that him/herself on our site and there is no paperwork. 
  2. being the buffer between your practice and your clients in terms of plans sign-up, payments, collections, and cancellation issues. 
    1. All issues in these regards are automated and human supported in our application.
    2. You also won’t need to manage a separate payment gateway or merchant account with PlanSplit.

The only benefit to integration is to apply usage in a single invoicing step.  This takes seconds to do in PlanSplit at the time of checkout.  And there are several methods by which you can reflect the amounts credited to wellness plans in Cornerstone. We do not see these few seconds lost due to lack of integration as a significant disadvantage when compared to hours gained on not having to manage sign-up’s, payment, collections, cancellations and filing paperwork.

Next, we veer away from the traditional in-house plans management systems by being a cross category system.  Your clients have pets but may also need dental care, chiropractic, mental health, or other wellness care for themselves and their human family.  PlanSplit caters to the entire family, human and animal.  Your clients will be able to buy and manage plans across several health care categories.  Emphasis on manage, as common veterinary wellness plans softwares does not show consumers their saving or usage, PlanSplit gives them their own dashboard to see that. Furthermore, you can put your plans on an optional e-marketplace to gain new clients.

How about scaling your business?  If your vet practice builds or acquires sister practices, PlanSplit is built to allow you to create and sell plans for multiple locations in a single account, quickly and easily.  We are built to scale with you, increase your practice wellness plan management efficiency, and reduce your expenses.

Aman Sukhija, DVM

Founder & CEO

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