The Benefits of PlanSplit Subscription Billing Management System

When it comes to growing your health practice, one of the biggest challenges lies in managing subscriptions and generating monthly invoices.

In fact, as your facility expands and you start to create and sell more plans and packages, attempting to manually manage your operations becomes impossible.

Think about it.

There are thousands of challenges of manual subscription billing. Billing your clients at the same time each period becomes tedious and stressful. The task becomes even more complicated when you charge different subscribers at different times of the month. Have you ever been blamed by your clients for an incorrect invoice? This is another common cause of concern.

Luckily, automated billing systems take the manual administration away from providers of services, enabling them to focus on building their business or practices. While the manual system can stifle your time and add the burden of the extra workforce to get the job done, subscription billing software lightens your burden by reducing staff workload and saving time.

PlanSplit subscription billing management system is a stand-alone cross-category wherein you can create and sell multiple plans and packages across numerous health categories. Unlike in-house usage management, it allows you to manage your subscription operation without requiring any separate merchant account. Similarly, your consumers can track or monitor their service usage on their dashboard. In other words, this platform is engineered to forge a strong bond between providers and customers, eliminating all hassles and difficulties associated with subscription management and recurring billing for service usage.

Simplified Subscription Management:

Perhaps the biggest benefit to using the PlanSplit subscription billing system is that it makes the process of billing a whole lot easier, saving you time, money, quite frankly, sanity. The provider appreciably discounts the plans, splitting the total price into monthly payments. The payments are auto deducted from the consumer bank account once a month. Similarly, in case of renewals and cancellations, it helps consumers in due process. Additionally, plans can be customized with add-on’s if allowed by the provider.

Reduced Risk of Invoicing Error:

Signing up with the PlanSplit subscription management system reduces invoice errors, thereby instilling confidence within the customer base. PlanSplit acts as a buffer between your practice and your clients in matters of sign-up, payments, collections, renewals, and cancellation issues. The software boasts of intuitive features that better streamline the custom plan creating and billing process. You can apply usage directly in our web application.


The automated billing software takes away all the headaches of invoice creation at the end of the month. It allows complete control over the billing cycles by equipping your customers with a flexible billing option. The purpose is to enable providers to maximize the scalability of their business by leveraging our billing flexibility and other intuitive features.

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