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By considering offering wellness plans and service packages,you are taking a giant step toward increasing loyalty and compliance among your consumers. By rewarding their loyalty through value-added packagesthat are split-billed, you are also increasing client satisfaction. You will not only stabilize revenue but also increase it. As a former private veterinary practice owner, I have years of experience successfully implementing and leveraging wellness plans to grow my businesses, while rewarding my clients and improving their furry family members’wellness care. I remembered my pain points and created PlanSplit to solve them.

Here are some key points:

  • University of Florida’s study, “Wellness Plans as a Preventative Care Education Tool for Veterinary Students” found that its veterinary wellness plan users outspent non-wellness plan patients by $531.10 annually. These patients had used 57.5% of their plans on average based on monetary value.
  • Our own market research study,performed by Pollfish, has shown 76.3% of consumers are interested in joining these plans for their health and wellness needs.
  • By using PlanSplit to offer plans, you are avoiding all the headaches and costs of managing plans internally and further increasing the profitability of your practice.   

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Aman Sukhija, DVM

Founder & CEO

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