Mental Health Wellness Providers Selling Therapy and Counseling Packages on PlanSplit

Mental illness is a common issue today. Around 41.4 million adults in the U.S received mental health treatment or counseling in the previous year. Mental illness can range in severity from mild to severe.

What Causes Mental Disorder? 

According to the study, the modern lifestyle affects mental sanity to a large extent. Mental illnesses have become more common for several generations or begin earlier in life. Depression, anxiety, addiction, and suicide have become increasingly common in recent decades.

The outcome of Mental Illness: 

In addition, lack of physical activity or a sedentary lifestyle is also a leading cause of mental illnesses. Other factors include biological imbalances, traumatic brain injury stress, abuse, family conflict, etc. The outcome can be terrible – leading to social isolation, substance abuse, and suicide at the worst.

Role of PlanSplit:

Luckily, with the right therapy and proper counseling, people can get out of this phase, becoming stronger and happier. As a therapist, you must be willing to find ways to increase patient compliance. PlanSplit is instrumental in helping providers achieve this goal. 

Mental Health Care Providers Can Scale Up the Business:

It is a new platform that can grow the monthly recurring revenue for your mental health service office. All health and wellness service providers can create and sell general wellness plans, therapy packages, memberships, and subscriptions on PlanSplit to gain new customers and grow their practice. The total cost of the wellness plan is split billed into monthly installments over the plan period.

Counseling Packages and Plan Management Made Easy:

PlanSplit has several intuitive features such as auto-renewal to the same or different plan, optional annual payment incentives for your customers, flexible plan periods, item groupings, etc. Thus, the platform enables providers to quickly and easily sell their wellness plans to eliminate payroll costs, increase revenue, and even reach new consumers searching for health and wellness plans on PlanSplit

Seamless Payment Systems: 

There’s no need to worry about the payment gateway or merchant account. Payments are automatically withdrawn from the bank account of the customers. Clients are adequately assisted with necessary procedures in the event of changes and cancellations. 

Streamlining Membership Plan Management: 

In addition, PlanSplit handles the pain points associated with membership plan management and administration, enabling providers to focus on patient care and grow their business by increasing monthly recurring revenue.

In short, the platform serves to strengthen the bond between providers of the service and their consumers. While providers can create and sell multiple wellness plans and counseling packages, consumers can use the dashboard to view service usage and savings.

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