Patients Are Looking For Options

Consumers are always looking for a bargain, a deal, a coupon, or “a special” to feel like they are getting the best value for their money, especially on cash-based services. Offering coupons and one-off promotions is good to get additional clients through the door, but how good is the retention of these new consumers? As the provider wanting to grow her practice should have every intention to retain new patients. This can become overwhelming and offering different one-off promotions is not the solution.

As a consumer, I am always looking for the next shopping deal. I shop around to find the best option for me and my wallet but what I am really looking for is the value. How many times can I take advantage of this deal? Would I be able to come back for a follow up and is the follow up more than the initial consult? Split billing total cost of services is another plus. A provider benefits by having patients coming in more than once and as a patient I feel like the provider is looking out for my best interests.

PlanSplit makes this process simple! With PlanSplit you can offer your packages, wellness and services plans, or memberships with or without discounts, have added value add on’s to make the package or membership an even better deal. In return this creates commitment and retention you as the provider are looking for. You can create plans with various plan periods guaranteeing retention and increasing your monthly recurring revenue all at once. Also, it lets your consumers know that you are in it for the long run and that their health is important!


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