How Do Service Providers Improve Consumer Experience through Subscriptions

Improve consumer experience through subscriptions and recurring billing management

Whether you are a healthcare provider or not, you must ensure your customers have the best experience possible. Even if the services you offer are different in complexity and scope, the goal of the customer experience should still be the same: to create a positive and meaningful interaction between the customer and your brand. Through subscription-based services, digital touch-points, and real-time feedback loops, businesses can create engaging and valuable customer experiences that will ultimately lead to a strong relationship between your brand and the consumer.

Health and non-healthcare providers have evolved tremendously over the last few decades. In the age of healthy competition, they must focus on customer service and experience to stand out. Given this, health and non-healthcare providers must provide efficient, effective, and timely services to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. By providing subscription-based services, providers can remain ahead of the curve and offer greater value and convenience to their customers. According to research, more than 15 percent of customers prefer subscription-based services over pay-as-you-go models.

The Benefits of Subscription-Based Services:

A. Convenience:

One of the most significant benefits of subscription-based services is the convenience they provide. Unlike traditional models of purchasing goods or services, subscription-based services allow customers to purchase items or services on a recurring basis. This allows consumers to access the products or services without having to purchase them continually. As for wellness packages, the convenience of subscription-based services is particularly beneficial. Consumers can get the services they need over a certain period, conveniently split billed monthly.

B. Cost savings:

Another big benefit of subscription services is cost savings. Since subscription-based services allow customers to commit to a package of service and only pay a flat fee for a period of time, they often get discounts compared to buying individual products or services. They can even pay the full cost up front if they choose to, which can give them the option of saving even more money upfront. It's up to the consumers to decide what kind of payment plan works best for them.  As a provider, you can offer your customers lower prices while still maintaining your bottom line. This happens because you have greater uptake of all your services.  So you make up through volume with you may lose through value based package pricing. You can sell healthcare and non-healthcare plans and packages to customers in your target market, providing them a better value proposition than buying the services separately. 70% of business leaders say subscription business models will be key to their prospects in the years ahead.2 

C. Improved access to health care:

Subscription-based models are the best way for people who offer healthcare services to give their customers better access to healthcare services. According to market research, subscription businesses have consistently grown 5-8x faster than traditional businesses.

How Health and Non-Health Care Providers Improve Consumer Experience:

A. Offering tailored services:

Health care providers and other services can improve the customer experience by giving them services tailored to their needs and preferences. This means that providers should try to understand the needs and preferences of each customer and come up with solutions that are made just for them. Depending on the services they offer, providers may need to come up with different ways to meet their customers' needs.

B. Utilizing technology to streamline processes:

PlanSplit is great recurring billing management software, enabling providers to control their billing processes completely. Both healthcare and non-health care providers can use it to automate their billing processes. The platform offers an intuitive interface that is simple to use, and its many features are designed to help service providers improve the efficiency of their operations. Health and non-health service providers can create and sell custom plans, packages, memberships, and subscriptions.

C. Enhancing customer service:

PlanSplit also offers tools that help service providers enhance their customer experience. The entire service cost is split-billed into smaller installments to make it more affordable and manageable for the customer. It also gives your consumers their dashboard to view their usage, savings, etc. The sign-up process is self-service for customers, making it easier for them to purchase the services. Moreover, it offers cool features such as auto-renewal, renewal to a different plan, optional annual payment discounts for your consumers, variable plan periods, item groups, and more. The health and wellness industry is a rapidly growing sector, with the development of new technology making it more accessible to consumers. Health and wellness plans are an effective way for businesses to respond to this trend and meet customer demands.

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